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Thinking Outside the (Check) Box: Decisions beyond the DSM

Presented by: Dr. Sterling Sparshu

COVID-19 and The Young Child: The developmental impact of the pandemic on infants and young children

Presented by: Dr. K. Morrison

Promoting Cognitive Flexibility in Adolescence

Presented by: Dr. Heather M. Brown

Flourishing Mindsets: Building the Foundational Strengths for Youth to Thrive

Presented by: Dr. W. Hammond

Transgender Youth & Hormone Therapy: An Overview of Medical Options

Presented By: Dr. Jane Dunstan

The Art of Pendulating – "I can't do this", "I am overwhelmed" to "I got this"

Presented by: Dr. Dawn McBride

Exploring Autistic Wellbeing through the lens of Neurodiversity

Presented by: Dr. Heather M. Brown

Grief: Working with loss and pain toward wholeness

Presented by: Dr. Allan Donsky

Divorce and the impact on children and youth mental health

Presented by: Melani Carefoot, MSW